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Why should I work with The Delivery Network over other warehouse storage companies?
The Delivery Network has been in the warehousing industry for more than 45 years and has a wide range of experience to handle many different products. Quality is the KEY factor and starts from the onboarding / implementation of your product to a continuous pursuit for improvement to handling your product efficiently and effectively. We are a family owned business. We are a family owned business and can give you the service that you deserve.
How can I be assured that my goods will be secure with The Delivery Network?
The Delivery Network is an operator of London Metal Exchange approved warehouse. The Delivery Network has been reviewed by U.S. Customs and the London Metal Exchange and has been approved by both to meet their strict security standards.
Can I store my goods with The Delivery Network even if I'm not located in or around the midwest?
Yes. We can store local products and products from around the world. We have had customers from China, Australia, India, and Ireland.
Who do I contact about getting a quote for service?
See our contact page.
Are there any materials that I can't store with The Delivery Network?
We store a wide range of products so we can accommodate most materials. If you have a question about a certain product, give us a call.
Is there a minimum amount of goods that I have to have before I can store with The Delivery Network?
We can accommodate any size account.