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Use of public warehousing facilities offers distinct benefits over other kinds of product storage and handling programs. The public warehouses within The Delivery Network (APC Warehouse Company, The St. Louis Distribution Company, Depot Warehouse Inc.), can multiply the impact of those benefits due to their strategic location, methods of operation, the support services provided and the concern that every employee has for satisfying every customer's needs.

General benefits of using public warehousing

Asset Redeployment:
By assigning raw materials and finished goods management responsibility to warehouse specialists, you free up funds to invest in those aspects of your business that will make it grow.
No Concerns About Space Availability:
A quality public warehouse can expand and contract space to fit its customers' varying needs. This eliminates your concerns about the seasonal peaks and valleys of your business.
Reduced Space Costs:
When using a public warehouse, you pay only for the space utilized. Such efficiency can translate into significant cost savings.
Fewer Labor Concerns:
The public warehouse company is responsible for hiring, training and paying warehouse labor; and administering all labor contracts. Overhead savings to you can be substantial. Public warehouses also enjoy an immunity from picketing during strikes. This can help to maintain a steady flow of your product during times of labor troubles.

Benefits of using The Delivery Network

Excellent Locations:
Our three large warehouse locations are positioned to give transportation services of all kinds rapid and easy access from almost anywhere in the greater St. Louis marketing area, servicing the entire United States.
Variety of Facilities:
Each of The Delivery Network's warehouses is slightly different from the other. While they all conform to exacting standards for sanitation, safety and security, each offers a unique opportunity for you to buy only the specific type and quality level of service you need, thereby controlling a major portion of your distribution costs.
Distribution Support Services:
A warehouse is just an interim stop for your goods. The Delivery Network can provide a full complement of product manipulation services, as well as truck, river, rail and air transportation support to help get your product into your customers' hands. And you can arrange for them all through a single source of supply.
Contract or Lease Space:
You can tailor the way you pay for warehousing services to match the particular nature of your products and markets.
Reputation for Excellence:
The Delivery Network is locally owned, and offers exceptional financial stability. An experienced and dedicated member of the management team is in charge of each warehouse function. We service some of the country's most demanding companies; and we encourage you to talk with them about the quality of our services.

For any company wishing to enjoy the benefits of dealing in the import/export market, the Foreign Trade Zone offers many unique opportunities. Much more than a simple bonded warehouse, the Foreign Trade Zone acts as a piece of whatever country you are doing business with, located on the banks of the Mississippi. We work closely with the Tri-City Regional Port Authority, the grantor of Foreign Trade Zone Number 31.

This unique interpretation creates a wide variety of benefits.
It greatly reduces, and sometimes eliminates, duty payments by:

  • Eliminating duty on foreign merchandise entering the Foreign Trade Zone if it is to be re-exported.
  • Eliminating, or reducing, duty on products manipulated, processed, assembled or in any way manufactured in the Foreign Trade Zone.
    • Pay duty on component parts or finished goods, whichever is less.
    • Pay no duty on the value added through any manufacturing operations within the Foreign Trade Zone.
    • Pay no duty on materials lost or consumed in the manufacturing process.
  • Save on ocean freight insurance, since you do not have to insure the amount of the assessed duty.
  • Defer duty payments until goods actually leave the Foreign Trade Zone. There is no time limit on how long goods can remain in the Foreign Trade Zone.
  • Allow easier access to merchandise than possible in a bonded warehouse.
  • Apply for drawback, export tax refunds and export incentives as soon as any duty is paid.
  • Avoid increases in duty by importing your maximum needs at one time and holding them in the Foreign Trade Zone until needed by customers.

Foreign Trade Zone personnel are experts in duty regulations. They can assist you in using the Foreign Trade Zone for maximum advantage to your import/export program. And their services are included in the very nominal Foreign Trade Zone rates.

As the global economy moves closer to a functioning reality, The Delivery Network is positioning itself to provide needed services to those who wish to participate in the United States markets. Two innovative programs let foreign firms seeking U.S. customers find and service them as easily as if they were resident in the U.S.

Market Makers: Through its knowledge of American markets and marketing activities, The Delivery Network can guide foreign companies in developing effective sales programs, and then assist in implementing what they've helped create.

A Warehouse In the United States (WITUS): This program is designed specifically for foreign auto parts suppliers looking to capture a share of the central U.S. market. It permits offshore suppliers to offer Midwest manufacturers the same level of distribution service as local suppliers; thus eliminating a major barrier to entry, and opening this lucrative marketplace, perhaps for the first time.

The facilities, personnel, and security and operational procedures offered by The Delivery Network have convinced the London Metal Exchange, the world's oldest operating metals market, to appoint us an official depot in the central United States.

The Delivery Network was selected because of:

  • An evidenced dedication to error-free management of all goods entrusted to our safekeeping.
  • Over 400,000 square feet of facilities, all of which meet the London Metal Exchange's stringent accreditation requirements. The Delivery Network is regularly handing over 40,000 tons of aluminum, copper, lead, tin, zinc and nickel ingot annually for the London Metal Exchange.
  • Specially-prepared computer programs that record and track the precise location of every pound of metal in our various warehouses. The Delivery Network has met every one of the London Metal Exchange's requirements for thorough, accurate and timely data management.
  • A highly accurate and responsive order preparation system, which permits us to quickly retrieve a specific, numbered lot from anywhere in our warehouse system and match it with the requests received from the buyer and seller. This ability was critical to London Metal Exchange management, since it provides the basis for their entire worldwide operation.

The abilities The Delivery Network demonstrates in serving the needs of the London Metal Exchange are the same ones we apply to every customer's product. We offer a wide variety of facility types, equipment and services; everything from storage to distribution to lightweight assembly and promotional packaging.

The strategic location of our warehousing facilities provides
quick and easy access to anyone doing business within the greater Midwest markets of St. Louis, Memphis, Chicago,
Kansas City and Louisville.

Three different locations situated within the prime metropolitan industrial areas of Granite City, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. Total available storage space is in excess of 400,000 square feet.
Food Grade
Dry Storage
Temperature Controlled
MOPAC reciprocal switching.
TRRA to all railroads.
Complete coverage of the St. Louis commercial zone
48-state common carrier operation
Transportation access to all commercial services
Pool distribution and consolidation services
Fully-operational river terminal ready to handle inbound and outbound bulk and non-bulk product of all kinds.
Foreign Trade Zone #31 is operated by The Delivery Network. Provides extensive product manipulation services in addition to traditional import/export assistance programs.
In-house computerized systems for inventory control, order processing and billing.
Warehouseman's Legal Liability, General Liability and Cargo.
Order fulfillment, Light assembly and Light manufacturing.